New format!

I've decided to broaden the subject of the blog from books to general learning. While I'm still reading a book a day (today's was bad childhood, good life by Dr. Laura Schlessinger), I feel as if books are no longer the only way to learn a vast amount of knowledge and practical life lessons. Movies, podcasts, some educational YouTube videos, TED talks, and even blogs like this are all viable options. 

So, I'll be doing two things with this. One will be to keep people informed as to my progress of growing and learning. And the other will be to provide action steps for applying the knowledge I post. Fair warning, I will NOT be claiming the knowledge and/or action steps as my own all the time. Like I said, with the internet we don't need knowledge, we merely need to learn to apply what is already available. Don't reinvent the wheel, unless you intend to make the wheel obsolete. 

I'll leave you all with this quote from Education's End, by Anthony T Kronman: 

"The insistence on the importance of facts had the further consequence of making a complete knowledge of the classics unattainable. One can never get to the bottom of a single fact, let alone a limitlessly expanding set of facts."

Find out why things are important, and you'll be well on your way to becoming more successful than the old knowledge seeking paradigm.