The cure to self doubt

Working in a gym for a number of years, I encountered countless people who were intimidated by the presence of others so much ‘better than them.’ I often counseled those individuals and convinced them that we are all in the gym for the same reason: to better ourselves in some way. Whether to lose weight, gain muscle, find self esteem, or even train to be better at a sport, the gym is a place of growth.

But I do understand and relate to the human need to compare ourselves to others. It’s hard to dance like no one is looking when you’re not alone in the room.  We want to be unique as a finger print, yet are constantly threatened by our own appearance and demeanor. We see what others have, and contrast it to our own lives; looking for ways to find ourselves lacking. 

The truth is that a paradox exists: a paradox between wanting to be an individual and wanting to fit in; the paradox of living in the moment, and still setting goals of being better in the future. The quest for the answer to the question of ‘Who Am I?’

There will always be someone taller, thinner, stronger, happier or even have more money than you. It’s not unfair; it’s the reality of having close to 7 billion other people sharing this planet with you. And comparing yourself to others, only delays your journey of self discovery. But there will only ever be one you. One now. One life that you get to chose how to live. One life that you get to create for yourself however you see fit.

Create a life where you are the center. Create a life where you decide what you will tolerate, and what you will chose to say no to. To do anything else is selfish, as you are denying the world of the beauty that is you. And yes, you are beautiful. That is who you are.

Live well, love well, and love yourself.