Josh Colten - Port Huron Prowlers

Josh Colten

"When I first started with Omid back in 2014, I came to him with just a mess of physical problems. There was pain coming from my feet, lower back, knees, neck and more. There was no mobility, flexibility or posture. And even my endurance needed work, as well as much more. He assessed my problems and took control.

I was trying to make it as a professional ice hockey player. My four previous personal trainers could not fix my problems. I met Omid and my luck and life changed in the best way, after a couple of sessions I recognized that he was the personal trainer who could help me alleviate pain and improve mobility and flexibility to start my pro hockey career. He worked with me as a personal trainer, health coach, fitness instructor and nutrition specialist

We started training 4 times a week and over the last two years I went from 24% body fat to 10 % body fat and my mobility, flexibility improved dramatically. He worked on my posture and technique which in turn helped me better utilize energy better and proper muscle use.   I don't over train or get too tired. My endurance, speed and balance went from non-existent to a level that allows me to compete professionally.

Not only does Omid provide physical training, but he provides spiritual training as well giving me new vision in life that really broadened my view of the world. He helped me to conquer certain situations I faced not only when playing hockey, but in life as well. 

I also received excellent info on nutrition from Omid.  We created a dietary routine that helps me reduce fat, gain strength, sleep better and have a lot more energy.

My experience with Omid has been amazing. I can't thank him enough for the first class treatment and all the personalized effort getting me into the best shape of my life physically, mentally and spiritually. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone as he could do wonders to your life in so many ways."


Nino Llanera - Actor and Entertainment Host at Afterbuzz Tv

Los Angeles, California

Nino Llanera

"I started working with Omid back in 2014 at my highest weight of over 400lbs. I was out of shape, had balance and movement issues and was on my way to digging an early grave for myself.

I came into my first workout nervous and intimidated but that quickly changed when Omid began his assessment of my physical abilities to find out how he can train me at my own pace. Omid helped me create a plan that was catered specifically to my abilities. He modified workout moves to fit my physical needs which gradually increased my stamina and muscle strength until I could progress into non modified workouts.

By working out with Omid throughout the years, I have lost close to 150lbs with slip ups here and there, but with his coaching and friendship I have always been able to bounce back. I now have a better understanding of how my body works and what I have to do to continue to stay healthy and never revisit that 400+ pound body again. I am still a work in progress but I am so happy with my results and the knowledge that I have gained while under Omid's Coaching."


Kelly Grace Thomas

Gardena, California


Succeed with Omid is a miracle worker. Pulled my back and could barely walk. After working on me for 45 minutes and getting a good night sleep the pain was gone! It usually takes 3-5 for pulled muscles to heal. He fixed me overnight! He understands the body and what it needs in ways other trainers and health professionals don't. Succeed with Omid is the best health coach out there!




Jeri Wilson - Advertising Executive

Gardena, California

Jeri Wilson

"I hired Omid after every diet I could find didn't work! 

I work long hours sitting in front of a computer 7 days a week (running my own company) I start out in front of that computer at around 6:00 am and often don't move until late at night! I knew I had to do something to get exercise but had zero motivation to do it alone. 

After 1 short month  with Omid, I couldn't believe how much better I felt, and how much better my clothes feel on me too. I swear I even think better and I look forward to my Wednesday workouts with him. Who knew! 

I have always been a real hater of exercise and I am so glad I met Omid and now I have a new body, new mindset and new outlook on exercising! 

Thank you for everything you do Omid, your common sense on health, working out and food is so valuable to me. I highly recommend anyone in the same boat as me to call him and get started immediately. You can then email me to say thanks after you do!  LOL"