Exercise Instruction: How to properly execute the Clam Shell exercise, plus variations and progressions of form.

Sometimes core workouts don’t work because your deep breathing muscles are weak. Try these vacuum breathes and not only will your core work better, but digestion improves, too!

Exercise for stress relief: BE CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE SPINE PROBLEMS!!!* A simple small back bend and breathing for stress relief.

The step down is one of my best tools to train the VMO and stabilize the knee against pain. Add these to the end of leg day

For a joint to be stable, it needs tension not only from all sides, but stability during the full range of motion. I added sliders to an already popular posture exercise to make it more effective

What is the core: Everyone defines the core differently. My definition is the pelvic floor and the tva (transverse abdominus).

Training The Mind

Mind body health with meditation: Have you ever thought about starting to meditate? This simple trick will help you get started.

Fitness training recovery rest: To me, there is a difference between rest and sleep. Sleep doesn't always give us the rejuvenation we need for the next day, and most people are way too stressed to sleep well. Here's my thoughts and some tips for better rest and sleep.

I talk a lot about the dangers of dogma, but the laziness of binary thinking also is a common trap these days

Sympathy vs Empathy: There is a blurry line between the two, but sometimes too much empathy with someone pushes them out of the conversation.